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Prosecuting Evil

Screening and Fundraising event in support of Holocaust Survivors in our community

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11 - 1:00 PM (Doors open at 12:00 PM)
Panel Discussion to Follow

Barry Avrich’s gripping new documentary, Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz, tells the fascinating story of one of the Holocaust’s most heroic figures. Ben Ferencz, age 98, is the last surviving Nuremberg trial prosecutor and he is on a life-long crusade in the fight for law not war.

After the Holocaust camps were liberated, Ferencz became a lead prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials. He prosecuted 22 Einsatzgruppen Nazis responsible for murdering over a million Jews. Called the biggest murder trial in history, Ferencz was only 27, and it was his first case. He would go on to advocate to advocate for restitution for Jewish victims of the holocaust and later the establishment of the International Criminal Court. His fight for justice for victims of atrocity crimes continues today. Prosecuting Evil explores Ferencz’s anthem to the world underscored by a simple message: “We must live in a world where the rule of law replaces the rule of force.”

100% of proceeds in support of Jewish Family & Child’s Holocaust Survivor Emergency Assistance fund.

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For more information, contact: Paula Zivot, 416-727-3007, [email protected]

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