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Mondays, January 15–February 26, 10:00 a.m. to noon
Please note there is no class February 5.

Guiding us through the evolution of modern architecture is Dr. Peter Harris, the former assistant dean of University of Toronto’s Faculty of Arts and Science; former senior lecturer in the German Department; and special lecturer in Victoria College’s Vic One Program.

Capture the creative spirit of the 20th century with this lively survey of the visionaries who reinvented modern architecture. As the USA gradually evolved into a modern state, its burgeoning cities attracted brilliant builders and designers like Louis Sullivan, Frederick Law Olmsted, and one of Sullivan’s most gifted—and controversial—apprentices, Frank Lloyd Wright. Architects immigrating to America also began to reimagine the country’s homes and skylines: Walter Gropius; Mies van der Rohe; and especially the Canadian expat Frank Gehry. With the emergence of Louis Kahn, Eero Saarinen, Philip Johnson, and the decidedly “oddball” Bucky Fuller, exciting new forms and aesthetics took shape, resulting in buildings that continue to amaze and inspire us today.

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Sketches Of Gehry Web1

Curious Minds Further Viewing: Sketches of Frank Gehry

  • USA
  • 86
  • STC
  • Sydney Pollack
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Pair our Starchitects course with this essential film portrait of renowned architect and Toronto native Frank Gehry, directed by his dear friend, the Oscar-winning filmmaker Sydney Pollack.


Tuesdays, January 16–February 27, 10:00 a.m. to noon
Please note there is no class on February 6

Film writer Geoff Pevere, who has been writing, teaching and broadcasting about movies, media and popular culture for more than 30 years, guides us through politics in film.

The birth of the movies coincided with one of the great periods of global upheaval and unrest. They were born in a heated political context, and they have carried the traces of that revolutionary impulse ever since. There’s something about the medium that conveys hopes, ideals, anger and insurgence like no other art form, and to this day there’s no clearer mirror into our collective political dreams, nightmares, fantasies and (yes, every now and then) reality. Starting at the turn of the 20th century and ending in the age of Trump, this course explores how movies have reflected—and instigated—political change, and the lessons they can teach us in this moment of political uncertainty and turmoil.

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The Final Year Still

Curious Minds Further Viewing: The Final Year

  • USA
  • 89
  • STC
  • Greg Barker
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With unprecedented access to the inner-workings of the White House, director Greg Barker takes you inside the last days of Obama’s presidency. 


Thursdays, January 25–March 8, 10:00 a.m. to noon
Please note there is no class on February 15

Hot Docs favourite Dr. Mike Daley tells the incredible life story of Leonard Cohen through his best poetic, prose, lyric and, of course, musical works.

Leonard Cohen was one of the great literary and musical figures in Canadian history. From his affecting and skillful early poetry and novels to his stunning and enduring music, Cohen’s work has captivated generations of fans across the country and around the world. Best remembered for iconic musical compositions like “Hallelujah” and “Suzanne,” and for his hypnotic baritone singing voice, Cohen was also a fascinating public figure, with passionate love affairs, rich friendships and life-changing adventures in places like Israel, the Greek island of Hydra and the Zen Center in California where he became a Buddhist monk. A year after his death at 82, Cohen’s life and work are as inspirational as ever, full of keen observations and impassioned writing and music that will stand the test of time.

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Curious Minds Further Viewing: Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man

  • USA
  • 105
  • STC
  • Lian Lumson
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Cohen is an unparalleled storyteller, charmingly recounting tales from his past and exploring how his creative process has evolved over the years.