Game Changers Summer2019

Game Changers

At key moments in history, remarkable individuals find the courage to reinvent the world as we know it. Get inspired by the real-life superheroes who point the way forward in a moment of profound social change.

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Summer 2019 Edition

Amazing Nina Series

The Amazing Nina Simone

  • USA
  • 110
  • G
  • Jeff Lieberman
WED, JUL 10 - 6:00 PM

Celebrate one of America’s much beloved and often misunderstood musical geniuses, Nina Simone, with this captivating story of her life.

Michelangelo Gcseries

Michelangelo: A Self-Portrait

  • USA
  • 85
  • STC
  • Robert Snyder
SUN, JUL 14 - 4:00 PM

Step inside the mind, heart, and soul of a Renaissance titan in this one-of-a-kind cinematic portrait of Michelangelo, a visionary who was far ahead of his time.

Man On Wire Series

Man on Wire

  • UK
  • 94
  • STC
  • James Marsh
TUE, JULY 16 - 6:30 PM

Watch in wonder as tightrope walker Philippe Petit daringly performs an illegal high-wire routine between New York City's twin towers in 1974.

Simone Beauvoir Series

Simone De Beauvoir: Two Interviews

  • USA
  • 90
  • STC
  • Icarus Films
THU, JUL 18 - 6:30 PM

In a moment when women’s rights are being thrust into the spotlight, this rare doc illuminates the historic role and world-changing thoughts of the French writer and activist who paved the way for Second-Wave Feminism.

Time Ilhan Series

Time for Ilhan

  • USA
  • 88
  • PG
  • Norah Shapiro
THU, JULY 25 - 6:30 PM

A charismatic young, headscarf-wearing mother of three battles against the status quo to become the first Somali Muslim woman to be elected to state office in America.

Orson Welles Series

The Eyes of Orson Welles

  • Northern Ireland
  • 115
  • STC
  • Marc Cousins
SUN, JUL 28 - 4:00 PM

Dive into the visual world of legendary actor and director Orson Welles—through his own eyes, sketched with his own hand, and painted with his own brush.

Frantz Fanon Series

Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask

  • UK
  • 72
  • STC
  • Mark Nash, Isaac Julien
TUE, JUL 30 - 6:30 PM

Discover the impact and legacy of Frantz Fanon, the preeminent theorist of the groundbreaking anti-colonial movements of the twentieth century.

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