Kubrick Double Bill

On the release of the new documentary Filmworker, a behind-the-scenes look at Stanley Kubrick’s career through the eyes of his right-hand man, join us for a special double bill dedicated to the master filmmaker.

Double-bill tickets: $16 (Members: $12, $10, Free) | BUY NOW
Individual screening: $14 (Members: $8, $6, Free)

Saturday, July 14, 6:30 PM


  • USA
  • 98
  • STC
  • Tony Zierra
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Meet Leon Vitali, Stanley Kubrick's right-hand man for over 20 years in this unique portrait of a master and a man in his shadow.

Saturday, July 14, 8:45 PM

The Shining

  • USA, UK
  • 146
  • STC
  • Stanley Kubrick
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In one of the most infamous horror movies of all time, Jack Nicholson stars as Jack Torrance, a fledgling writer who takes a job taking care of the isolated Overlook Hotel. 

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