Masterworks Series

Masterworks | Dec 14- 21

2018 was a landmark year for documentary—but there are still many hidden gems that beg to be seen on the big screen before the year is through. Just for you: the doc connoisseur, we’ve curated a remarkable lineup of films you won’t want to let slip under your radar. Your best-of list isn’t complete until you’ve seen these classics-in-the-making.

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Silence Series

The Silence of Others

  • USA, Spain
  • 96
  • STC
  • Robert Bahar, Almudena Carracedo
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When Spain prohibits the prosecution of any Franco-era crime, surviving torture victims and their families rebel, launching the controversial “Argentine Lawsuit.” Stunning testimonies battle historical amnesia in this gripping exposé, executive produced by the Almodóvars.

Genesis Series

Genesis 2.0

  • Switzerland, China, Russia
  • 112
  • STC
  • Christian Frei, Maxim Arbugaev
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When tusk hunters discover the carcass of a wooly mammoth, a group of high tech genetic scientists embark on an ambitious journey to bring it back to life.

Waldheim Series

The Waldheim Waltz

  • Austria
  • 93
  • STC
  • Ruth Beckermann
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With uncanny parallels to our current political climate, filmmaker Ruth Beckermann revisits the scandal of former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, who covered up a Nazi past to rise to the Austrian presidency.

306 Hollywood Series

306 Hollywood

  • USA
  • 94
  • STC
  • Elan Bogarin, Jonathan Bogarin
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Passing away after spending 60 years in her home, Annette Ontell’s grandchildren sort through her things and find a portal to the soul of a women they loved and her unique life.

Atransfomer Series


  • Canada
  • 78
  • STC
  • Michael Del Monte
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A father, ex-marine and world-record powerlifter faces a singular feat of strength: transitioning from male to female. Facing professional and personal rejection, she searches for peace in her own skin in this clear-eyed portrait of the transition process.

Of Fathers And Sons Series

Of Fathers and Sons

  • Syria, Lebanon, Germany
  • 99
  • STC
  • Talal Derki
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An exiled filmmaker returns to his homeland to follow one of the founders of al-Qaeda’s Syrian arm and his two adolescent sons in this haunting family portrait of generational warfare and the road to radicalization.

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